Why Grow in Hydroponics

Hydroponics shifts the concept of a vegetable garden to the land, making it possible to cultivate everywhere. It is an alternative cultivation method, where the earth is replaced by a mixture of water and mineral salts containing all the elements the plant needs to live. It therefore becomes possible to cultivate anywhere.


The plants, which are grown in soil or in hydroponics feed on mineral salts, which are divided into macroelements and microelements. These, in nature, are contained in rocks and organic matter that is decomposed and made available to plants in the form of mineral salt by bacteria.
In hydroponics the plant will grow in an inert substrate and will be nourished through a solution that will contain water and nourishment already in mineral form and therefore immediately available to be absorbed.

The other very important aspect is the greater availability of oxygen at the roots, which leads to an acceleration of the growth processes, to a greater absorption of nutrients and consequently to a more massive development of the plant and the fruits.
Water consumption reduced by 30%, since all the water present remains in the system and can be used for several days before being changed, only that necessary for the growth and transpiration of the plant will be consumed.
The absence of soil reduces the risk of infestations by insects and other pathogens, making the cultivation less exposed to attacks and making it easier to fight organically.
The absence of land becomes a possibility in urban contexts or where the quality of the land is not favorable to cultivation or even worse compromised by pollutants. In indoor cultivation it eliminates the need to transport heavy bags of earth and their disposal once the cultivation cycle is over.


The Growrilla hydroponic systems are produced by growers for growers, they are the result of a journey started in cultivation rooms and external greenhouses, they are the result of experiences, research, mistakes and improvements with the aim of creating a product that was:
performing , RDWC systems accelerate plant growth and increase yield by 30%
easy to use : through the control vessel it is possible to manage all the solution present in the cultivation vessels that is put into circulation by a pump making the EC values ​​uniform and pH throughout the system.
modular and expandable , able to adapt to small domestic growboxes up to large cultivation rooms, can be customized in shape and number of pots
secure : thanks to a vessel connection system consisting of rigid pipes and watertight gaskets we can guarantee a complete drop-proof seal
assembly without tools : no key or pliers are needed for assembly.