Single cultivation pot Oxy Ring

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The Growrilla Hydroponics Single Cultivation Pot Oxy Ring designed for indoor growing and small grow boxes.

The solution is constantly mixed into the system by a recirculation pump, uniformizing the EC and pH values between all cultivation vessels.

One or more aerators will distribute the air directly inside the vessels through porous stones creating a dynamic and highly oxygenated environment in which the roots can develop, absorb nutrients and grow vigorous.

The new Growrilla growing pots are made of black plastic to avoid light infiltrations and the consequent formation of algae inside the nutritive solution, while the outside of the vases is white to reflect light and heat, keeping the solution fresh and better oxygenated.

The plastics used are suitable for food contact, to ensure maximum genuineness of the products grown.

Hydroponic Cultivation Starter Pack

OXY RING Starter Pack


This hydroponic cultivation starter pack includes:

  • 1 Single Oxy Ring Vase
  • Tripack fertilizers
  • EC66 digital tester

Hydroponic and Aeroponic Systems

Single cultivation pot Oxy Ring

(3) 39,00

Stand alone recirculating hydroponics system

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