Automation Control Units

Automation control units can be used for:

  • Hydroponic cultivation
  • Indoor growing

Thanks to this technology it is possible to remotely control the functions and values of plant growth.

For more information on new technologies to support remote cultivation, we recommend you read our guide:

New technologies to support indoor and hydroponic cultivation

Automation control units for cultivation systems

Automation Control Hydroponic System


(1) 1.389,00

Nido One is the new control unit for the automatic regulation of the nutrient solution within hydroponic systems and the climatic parameters of the indoor cultivation rooms.

Automation Control Hydroponic System

Nido Smart Plug


The Nido Smart Plug are Wi-Fi sockets that communicate with the Nido One control unit. Through the Nido app they manage all electrical devices such as lamps, extractors, fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, heaters and water pumps for irrigation cycles, for precise and automated management of the environmental parameters of your greenhouse.