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How to grow in hydroponics

This video summarizes the growth phases of chilli and tomato plants grown in hydroponics with the two Growrilla Hydroponics systems, namely the DWC system and the Oxy Ring system. For a better understanding the video has been divided into chapters where some of the concepts underlying the soilless cultivation have been explained.

Hydroponic Cultivation DWC

Hydroponic cultivation tutorial with DWC technique, acronym of Deep Water Culture with the DWC pot of Growrilla Hydroponics.


Oxy Ring Hydroponic Cultivation System

Growrilla Oxy Ring is a hydroponic cultivation system, ready to use, simple and at the same time very performing. The vessel’s dimensions are 30 cm in diameter and 35cm in height. The 18-liter tank provides an autonomy of 7/15 days depending on the size of the plant, the 20 cm net pot is able to support even large plants. It works by means of a drip ring operated by an external air pump, which distributes and oxygenates the solution by constantly irrigating the plant rooting in an expanded clay substrate.

Growrilla RDWC with 2 pots

Functional scheme of the Growrilla RDWC 2-pot hydroponic cultivation system + control pot.

Preparation of the Nutritive Solution

Video tutorial on the preparation of the nutrient solution to grow in hydroponics with General Hydroponics Flora series fertilizer. Conductivity meter calibration and measurement of the EC value of the solution. PH measurement and correction with the GHE pH test.

How to grow indoors

Complete indoor cultivation cycle of basil, inside an 80x80x160 grow box illuminated with 130w Ortoled 4 led light.
The basil was grown in a recirculating deep water hydroponic cultivation system (Recirculating Deep Water Culture) RDWC 2 by Growrilla Hydroponics.

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