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Aquaponic Cultivation


Aquaponics uses a combination of aquaculture (breeding of fish in the cultivation environment) and hydroponics. Based on the ecosystem of the wetlands where plants and animals support each other, the nitrogen wastes produced in the aquaculture of fish, shrimp or clams are used as fertilizer for hydroponically grown plants. Aquaponics requires the help of nitrogen-fixing bacteria and worms to break down fish waste into nitrates and nitrites that can be absorbed by plants.

The resulting clean water is then recirculated to the aquaculture tank. Adding fish to the equation creates a natural ecosystem in which fish, plants and bacteria develop mutually.

The waste of fish and bacteria living in an aquaponic system provides all those nutrients that plants need. These fish, together with bacteria, create a cleaner and above all non-toxic environment for the plant to grow in. This also contributes to eliminating the need for a nutrient solution mixed with chemicals.

Aquaponic Cultivation

Aquaponics has become increasingly popular as a growing system in the past 10 years. Much of this growth was due to the sustainability and respect for the environment that aquaponic cultivation systems guarantee. In this article we will see specifically what aquaponic cultivation consists of, how it differs from hydroponic cultivation and what are the […]

The 4 best Hydroponic Cultivation Techniques

There are several ways to grow plants. The popularity of hydroponic cultivation is growing, that is to cultivate the plants without using the land, or to call it in another way “out of the ground”.