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Advantages of hydroponic cultivation

You will have asked yourself so many times if the hydroponic cultivation is the right choice for you. Through chat or our Facebook page and the Instagram channel, many users ask us if this type of cultivation is the choice right for them or if they have the minimum requirements to start this business. At Growrillah Hydroponics we have decided to list the advantages of hydroponic cultivation.

Advantages of Hydroponic Cultivation

No land necessary

If you have the chance, you can grow your plants in places where the land is limited, does not exist or is heavily contaminated. Moreover, NASA considers hydroponic cultivation the cultivation of the future to cultivate food in space (where there is no soil). If you want to read more about this statement I suggest you read this article. (What does NASA think of hydroponic cultivation?)

No need for large spaces

Because all plants are kept and grow in a system(if you do not know what we’re talking about, click here), you can make a small space inside your apartment. In normal cultivation, plant roots usually expand and search for food and oxygen in the soil. In the case of hydroponic cultivation this does not happen, where the roots are sunk in a tank full of oxygenated nutritive solution and directly in contact with vital minerals. This means that you can grow your plants much closer and consequently save in terms of space.

You can control the climate

The hydroponic grower can have total control over the climate: temperature, humidity, light intensification, air composition. You will have the opportunity to grow food all year round regardless of the season.

With hydroponic cultivation you save a lot of water

Plants grown hydroponically grow only with 10% of water compared to those grown in the field. In this method, the water performs more than one cycle and the plants will only collect the necessary water. Water loss occurs only in two forms: evaporation and losses from the system (but an efficient hydroponic configuration is reduced to a minimum or has no losses).

Nutrient control

In hydroponics, you have a 100% nutrient control (food) that the plants need. Before planting, growers can check which nutrients the plants require and in what specific quantities the nutrients are needed in certain phases and mix them with water accordingly. Nutrients are stored in the tank, so there are no losses or nutrient changes as if they were in the ground.

Inside our store you can find all the necessary nutrients!

PH control of the solution

All minerals are contained in the water. This means that you can measure and adjust the pH levels of your water mixture much more easily than land. This ensures optimal absorption of nutrients for plants.

A better rate of growth

With the hydroponic cultivation check all the atmospheric variations : temperature, lights, humidity and above all nutrients. The plants are placed in ideal conditions, while the nutrients are supplied in sufficient quantities and come into direct contact with the roots. In this way, plants no longer waste precious energy in search of nutrients diluted in the soil. Instead, they shift all their forces to growth and fruit production.

Less Parasites and Diseases

Since there is no soil, the plants are less vulnerable to parasites brought from the ground by birds, rodents, marmots. Furthermore there is less chance that they will be attacked by diseases like Fusarium, Pythium and Rhizoctonia. Even when growing indoors in a closed system, the grower can easily take control of most of the surrounding variables.

Less use of insecticides and herbicides

Since it is not cultivated on the ground, factors such as weeds, pests and diseases are greatly reduced, there are also fewer chemicals used. This helps you to grow cleaner and healthier foods . The cutting of insecticides and herbicides is a strong point of the hydroponic cultivation .

Hydroponic cultivation can relieve stress

This interest will put you in touch with nature. Tired after a long day of work and continuous travel, you can devote yourself to your little corner of the apartment and relax and play with your private hydroponic garden .

These are some reasons that we believe represent the advantages of hydroponic cultivation , if you plan to start cultivating your favorite fruits and vegetables at home check our store, you will find everything you need: Growrilla Hydroponics Shop Store

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