Growrilla is a 100% Italian brand of hydroponic farming systems, designed and made in Italy by growers for growers.
The project stems from a passion for indoor gardening and a common need for all growers: getting the most out of their plants .
The constant search for information and the desire to experiment with new techniques has led us to hydroponics, an alternative cultivation method to the land. Fascinated by the results obtained from the great potential offered, we decided to propose our own system, the result of direct experience gained over the years, with the aim of offering the grower a functional, easy to use and high performance product.

Operational headquarters: Via remmert 100 – 10073 Ciriè (TO) Torino

Growrilla is not simply a system, first of all it wants to be a resource capable of providing the grower with the tools necessary to get the most, because we know that a fast car is not enough to win a race, it is the pilot that makes the difference!
Growing with a Growrilla system also means relying on technical and educational support which, through video tutorials, articles and texts that are constantly updated, will give you all the information you need to achieve the results you are looking for!

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